Unofficial Mark Morrison
Mark Morrison

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"Check out a brief intro for the new FLASH WEBSITE"

The new single form Mark Morrison is to be “Backstabbers” we believe, it will be the Bhangara mix, featuring Punjabi MC, who apparently was/is Morrison’s 2Wikid label mate, if he is still signed to 2Wikid. WE are not therefore sure whether the new single will be released under 2Wikid or some other label.

Lets just hope this it does not result in the same wait and promise that we we were expecting from the last release. The single is from the new album titled "Just A Man". Currently Radio 1 have been the only station who have briefly played it.

The new album, "Just a Man" is set to be released in (no idea!!!!!!). We will just have to wait and see. Hopefully the promotional stuff should be starting very soon, so watch out for Mark Morrison and let us know where you hear/see him.


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